When should I put CBD oil on my dogs skin?


If you’ve lately Googled CBD oil, you’ll know there are a plethora of ways to introduce this cannabis derivative to your dog. You can sprinkle it on their snacks and sweets. You can apply it to your dog’s gums, paws, and joints; it’s very effective for aches and pains in senior dogs. You could also rub it into their skin. Read about the best cbd topical cream which you can apply on your dog’s skin in this article.

When skin application is the right choice?

So, why would you want to target cannabinoid receptors in the skin of a dog? There are four basic reasons for giving CBD through the skin (but don’t limit yourself to these; additional reasons are also valid).

Reducing swelling, itching, and inflammation

Stop them from rolling around your carpet by applying CBD oil to the areas where your dog is biting or scratching. Cannabinoids will bind to receptors in that location, assisting in the restoration of homeostasis in the damaged area. In a study on rats with arthritis, the efficacy of topical CBD for lowering inflammation was investigated, and the results were reported in The European Journal of Pain. Researchers were able to visually reduce edema and proinflammatory indicators by applying CBD oil to the animals’ skin for four days.

Treating dryness, rashes, and skin issues

Similarly, topical CBD application can target problem skin significantly more efficiently than oral absorption because it works directly on-site rather than entering the bloodstream (which means some CBD is lost when it is digested by a dog’s metabolism). A 2019 research published in Clinical Therapeutics provides some credence to these statements, at least in terms of human application. CBD ointment was applied for three months on patients with psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, and scarring, and their skin conditions improved significantly. So if you’re thinkging to order cbd oil, order now.

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Conditioning fur and skin

CBD has anti-oxidant properties. This suggests that CBD may be able to prevent or delay certain types of cell damage, making it useful as a skin and fur conditioner. So, older dogs, take note: weekly CBD oil pampering sessions may help keep that fur in beautiful, dog-park-ready condition! More seriously, CBD’s antioxidizing properties make it an excellent post-surgery therapeutic alternative. As part of a rehabilitation plan, massaging with CBD oil will assist ensure that skin does not become tense or inflamed as it heals.

Introducing your dog to a new substance

Because of CBD’s efficacy in treating anxiety, there is a significant overlap between anxious dogs and CBD use. While some dogs are naturally cautious about anything vet or medicine-related, those with chronic anxiety can be significantly agitated by any change in routine or new sight or smell in their house. To avoid unfavorable associations with CBD, it can be beneficial to familiarize anxious dogs with CBD oil before attempting to orally administer it. The simplest approach to accomplish this is to apply a small quantity of oil to your hand and allow your dog to investigate. If your dog is suffering from anxiety, then do checkout cbd oil for dogs anxiety.


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